Rainbow Murmuration

A murmuration of rainbow colored mobiles float and swirl through the library in Rockland, Maine. Is it a flock of birds or a school of fish?
Look closely! There are two different designs repeated through the installation. “Taking Flight” represents the animal kingdom of the sky. “Gentle Wave” gives the animals of the sea their space. Both designs are integrated in the center piece “Currents”

The twenty-eight suspended pieces create a whole formation and sweep an S-shape through the Library. Looking up lifts the spirits. Notice all the variations! Some are sparkly, some transparent, some large, others small. Some have different colors in one piece, some dotted carvings, others are hammered.

When creating Rainbow Murmuration I was reminded what it takes to be part of a vibrant, diverse and inclusive community. The designs are similar yet the individual expression varies. Some pieces hold the installation together, others add flair, spirit and character. All are vital to the whole and need each other to hang in the balance.

Isn’t that what most of us long for? Living in the beauty of the natural world. Being accepted and supported for who we are?