Artist Statement                                                                                                                                                               

Take a moment to breath.

Watch the mobiles move and come to your own center.

The gracefully moving sculptures have the potential to transform the energy of the room and yourself.

Watching the ever-changing shapes awakens curiosity, imagination, the sense of wonder and magic.

Let yourself be transported on the air current and enter into a meditative state of calm grounding.

What better way to surround oneself with peaceful energy than to invite a mobile into a home or office. Larger pieces or installations of many pieces can create motion and enliven a space with vibrancy.

I come from a background of fine Art Jewelry. The desire to work larger drew me into sculpture; first bronze, then life size outdoor abstract steel and copper pieces.

My current work of whimsical delightful hanging sculptures fills me with joy and I hope the pieces will invite you to feel the same.


In the last three years I learned how different materials behave when suspended and moving with the air current, what environment works best for them and what material to choose for which space. Working with clients to find the right material for their space is a rewarding process. 
Connect with me if I an help you to choose a design and the best material for your space.

Antje At the Workbench