Antje Roitzsch

My name is Antje Roitzsch.  I am an artist working in many media. Currently I am in a deep dive to explore hanging, moving sculptures- the art mobile



Antje grew up in Germany in a family where a strong emphasis was placed on being creative and making things with your hands.

Her education at a Waldorf School gave her a broad exposure to creativity and a woking knowledge of many artistic skills. This is where the seeds of her approach to form were born and gave her the language that has been deeply embedded in her work ever since. 

While attending technical school, where she explored graphic arts and scenic design for theatre, a chance encounter with a goldsmith exhibit lead her to a 4 year apprenticeship. 

Working with a master goldsmith honed her solid skills and is at the root of her precise and exact craftsmanship.

In 1988 a grant from the Carl Duisburg Society brought her home to Maine, where for the next 16 years she designed and fabricated anticlastic jewelry with Michael Good Designs.

In 2005, a 7 month immersion in New York City changed the course of her artistic journey. It ignited the desire to explore her own artistic expression and she took the leap of faith and set out on her own.  

Following her curiosity, she opened her eyes with photography, put her hands into clay and experimented with bronze casting.  

Called to a larger scale, she applied all her skills to the creations of organic, flowing sculptures, including the 8 foot tall “Uprising”. 

Ever expanding in her expression, her work is taking flight and she is currently working on sculptural mobiles.

Here is an Artist portrait about Antje Roitzsch


Antje Roitzsch



2004- present            Designing Jewelry, Sculpture and Photography

2001-present             Licensed Massage Therapist and Shiatsu Practitioner 

1990-1999                  Designed, fabricated, marketed line of anticlastic jewelry and other one of a kind original designs to
                                         galleries and private buyers


1990-2004                  Michael Good Designs:  Goldsmith and Designer

                                          Produced jewelry in anticlastic raising; designed bronze


1990                               Professor Friedrich Becker ( Dusseldorf Germany)

                                          Journeyman Goldsmith


1984-1988                  Goldschmiede Classen: (Essen, Germany)

                                          Goldsmith Apprenticeship, Graduated Most Honored

1982-1984                   School of Design (Fachoberschule fur Gestaltung, Essen Germany) Diversified Study in Design;

                                          Practicum Placement in Theater Backdrop/Scenery Design


1988-1989                  Awarded Full One Year Grant from Carl Duisberg Society

                                         (Germany) to study the technique of anticlastic raising at Michael Good Designs: in Maine, USA


1998                               International Pearl Design Competition: Awarded third Place in Freestyle (Japan)

1996                               Nice Award Finalist- Earring Design



2006- present            Teaching Adult Ed classes and private students in jewelry techniques, Rockport ME

1993 -1995 and

2009-present             Teaching workshops in Anticlastic Raising in Germany.


1999                               Teaching workshop in Anticlastic Raising at Brookfield Craft

                                          Center, CT, USA

1997                               Teaching workshop in Anticlastic Raising in Japan

1996                               Assistant for Heikki Seppa“Shellform” 3 week workshop, at Haystack, Maine, USA

1996                               Assistant for Betty Helen Longi “Shellform” 1 week workshop, at Haystack, Maine, USA




2023                              "Rainbow Murmuration" Mobile installation at Rockland Public Library
2022                        "Flowing" one person show at Hedgerow Gallery in Martinsville, Maine
                                 Mobile Exhibit at Rockport Public Library

2021                               "AWAKENING" Sculpture exhibit at Hawk Ridge Farm curated by June LaCombe, Maine

                                          "AUTUMN" exhibit at Hawk Ridge Farm, Maine

                                          "Artists Choice" juried show, River Arts Gallery, Damariscotta, Maine

                                          "Cascade" Installation, Harbor Square Gallery, Rockland ME

                                          Selection at Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, Taos, NM

2020                               "Clarity" Sculpture exhibit at Hawk Ridge Farm curated by June LaCombe, Maine

                                          "AUTUMN" outside exhibit at Hawk Ridge Farm, Maine

                                          "Art Comes Alive" ADC Fine Art, Cincinnati OH

2019                            "Metamorphosis and the living forces in nature" Lightform Gallery, Hudson NY

                                         "Living with Art" at Hawk Ridge Farm Maine

2017                              "Embracing Earth" at Hawk Ridge Farm,

                                         "Power of Place" at Wells Reserve at Laudholm both curated by June LaCombe, Maine

2016                              "Autumn"at Hawk Ridge Farm, Maine

2015                              "Poetics of Place" at Hawk Ridge Farm, Maine

2014                               “Pollinators” Botanical Gardens Boothbay ME, curated  by June LaCombe

2014                               “ A Celebration of Art and Nature” Maine Audubon, curated  by June LaCombe

2012                                “Steel and Stone” at Hawk Ridge Farm, curated by June LaCombe, Maine

                                          “On the Wing” Botanical Gardens Boothbay ME, curated by June LaCombe

                                          “On the Wing” Maine Audobon, Falmouth ME, curated by June LaCombe

                                          Summer show at Spring Gallery, Belgrade ME

2011                              “Between Earth and Sky” at Hawk Ridge Farm

2009 - 2010                “Art, Nature and Design”, one person outdoor sculpture show at Merryspring Nature Center,
                                          Camden ME

2009                               “Transforming Capacities” Art and Science, Exhibit at Threefold Center, Spring Valley, NY

2007 - 2010                Numerous one person shows featuring sculpture or photography in settings between Rockland and
                                         Ellsworth ME

2008                               Member of Art Space Gallery, Rockland ME

2007                               Gallery representation by Élan Fine Arts, Rockport ME


2006                                Show featuring Jewelry and Sculpture at Michael Good Designs Gallery

1990-2004                    Numerous jewelry shows and more recently sculpture exhibits as part of Michael Good Design

1994,1995                    One person jewelry exhibits in Essen, Germany



2008                                Welding class in Rockland ME

1998                                Blacksmithing workshop at Haystack,ME



2020                                Development of Hanging Sculptures- Art Mobiles

2015                                Experimenting with direct cement carving

2010                                rediscovering foldforming technique for smaller copper sculptures and jewelry

2009                                 building life size sculptures(up to 8’ high) out of copper tubing, steel rod and steel pipe

2007                                 starting to work bigger, experimenting in plaster, hydrocal and a little cement

2005                                 starting to work and learn bronze sculpture, including making the molds and wax & plaster casts

1984- 2005                   mostly jewelry design