Policies: - Shipping - Installation - Return

Pick up the artwork if at all possible. This way you know exactly what you are buying and I would like to meet you.

Each piece is a different shape and material. They require individual wrapping and boxing. Environmental impact is of upmost importance to me and I reuse cardboard and other shipping material as much as I can. I encourage you to do the same and reuse or recycle.
The piece gets placed between a soft layer which rests between 2 pieces of cardboard. Copper and powdercoated pieces can often get folded and each element separated from the other by a protective layer.
To keep the piece safely in the middle of the box, I build spacers.
I will ship with USPS or UPS and insure the piece for the full amount.
For smaller pieces I created a flat rate of $40 which includes packaging, shipping cost and insurance.
For larger pieces I will pack the piece, to determine the dimensions and weight of the box, get a quote and invoice you if it is more than the $40. Once paid I will drop off the parcel to get shipped to you.
* Note: Shipping carriers are increasing costs for the holidays. Rates might change unannounced.

included: fish line or cable and silver screw hook.
All mobiles are assembled and ready to hang. Depending on weight, it will have a sturdy fishline or a cable.
The lighter pieces can temporarily hang on a push pin until you find the right location. Determine the length of the line and make a loop with a double knot. Cut off the rest and hang on a hook. It is up to you to determine the quality of your ceiling and how to hang it. The provided hook works best on a wooden ceiling of beam. Plant hooks are also a nice option. The heavier pieces hang on a ball bearing swivel hook for easy movement without tangles.
If you know the distance to the hook at the time of your order, I can adjust the cable to the desired length. Otherwise I only crimp the aluminum sleeve of the bottom loop. You can determine the length and clip the cable with wire cutters.
To fashion the top loop, you will feed the cable end back through the provided aluminum sleeve and crimp the sleeve just like the bottom loop with wire cutters or pliers. Then hang the piece on the installed hook.

Installation tip:
Mobile movement only happens through air movement. The mobiles are designed to be a wonderful shape even if there is no air movement in the room. (I witnessed even a Calder mobile in the Boston Museum had to be set into motion by a guard.)
Fans, heaters, ventilation vents provide most of the air circulation in tight modern houses. Windows, doors, staircases and other transitions from one space to the other often have more air current. You might need to try a few locations. Or just rely on your interaction with the mobile and blow on it once in a while.
The heavier the material, the more air movement the mobile requires to set it into motion, like the copper or powdercoated pieces. This is why those materials can take a little more wind on a screened porch, gazebo or other wind protected outside area. The elements should not bang against each other in a heavy wind. I suggest that an alternate inside location can be chosen for very windy days. I can provide a nice copper hook for easy change of location, if requested.

May the wonderful piece of art bring joy, happiness, calm and balance into your life.

Return Policy
My goal is that you absolutely love your piece of art.
If at all possible, come and see the pieces in person. Mobiles move and are difficult to represent in all its dimensions in photos. Watch the videos on the video page.
Make sure which material to choose for your setting. Please connect with me to video call if you have any questions of how a piece will fit into your space, for color decisions or if you try to decide between pieces. I can help you and give clarifications to support your process. This will avoid any unnecessary returns.
If after all the research you are not quite satisfied, you can return the piece within 7 days of delivery. It has to be returned in original condition in the original packaging. Return shipping and insurance has to be paid by you.
If all arrives in original condition, I will issue a refund minus the first shipping and processing fees that might have occurred.