Bracelet, open ended

Wear a piece of unique handmade art.
This fine copper bracelet hugs the wrist in a beautiful way, following it's curves and movements naturally. Visually stunning it is at the same time one of the most comfortable bracelets you will find.
This bracelet will fit a medium size wrist ~6 in. Any other size I will specially make for you. Contact me how long the wait is right now.

During the foldform process I forge the shape and a very interesting hammer pattern covers the surface. Those make the pieces uniquely one of a kind. I enhance the hammermarks through the patina process giving each piece it's unique patterning.

I will create either size or material for you. Specify in your order which one you would like:
Sterling Silver or Copper
I can make a special order in Gold
The narrow Bracelet is 3/4 in wide at the end
the wide Bracelet (shown here) is about 1-1/8 in wide at the end.

I make the bracelet to fit a medium size wrist ~6 in. circumference.
If you need a different size email me before you order and I make you a bracelet to size and let you know how long it will take.
To measure your wrist, wrap a piece of paper around your wrist and measure it. If you want to be extra precise, tell me how high and wide your wrist is. I tend to make the opening as small as I can, to keep the bracelet securely on your arm. Push one side of the bracelet in the bottom of your wrist between the 2 bones and slip the other side over the outside. It's very easy once you have done it once.