At Peace

This hanging, moving sculpture is made out of thin aluminum with a brushed copper finish. The silver / gold version is sold and I can't find this material any more.

Bringing peaceful energy into your home and office
It moves very gracefully in the breeze of an open window or even with the air movement of a wood stove in the winter time.

This finish is elegant and will fit into any living room, bedroom, home office, covered porch, treatment room. Let your imagination run wild and see where you can enjoy this calming energy.

I prepared this design also in other materials, like wood- which can be painted any color you would like. Painted aluminum or acrylic.

Each piece is individually cut out by hand, ground and sanded . The connecting rings are also individually made to the correct size. And since a mobile requires balance, each element gets carefully balanced one after the other until it all moves gracefully as a whole.
The piece is titled and signed with a logo and signature