Reaching For The Sun, Yellow

The yellow piece is currently available through

The purple and aluminum, are both available.

This tall, gently moving sculpture will bring a calming presence into any room or screened in porch.
Consider it for your living room, entry way, staircase, or office space.
The powder coated Aluminum finish is sturdy and allows this piece to go outside if wind protected. The connecting elements are out of stainless steel wire.

Each piece is individually cut out by hand, ground and sanded . The connecting rings are also individually made to the correct size. And since a mobile requires balance, each element gets carefully balanced one after the other until it all moves gracefully as a whole.
To get powdercoated, all the pieces need to be taken apart again and send to the powdercoater, where the color powder gets baked onto the metal surface. After receiving the wonderful coated pieces back, they need to get assembled again. And hopefully the coating was even enough so that it still balances. If not, the process might have to be redone.