Coming Home

Turquoise painted wood mobile

Watching these mobiles move in the slightest air movement is such a delight. Very meditative and grounding.

Imagine sitting at your desk and feeling stuck in a task. Looking up and watching the gentle motion of "Coming Home" will get you into the flow. It brings new perspectives to the forefront. See things from a different angle. Ahhhh, take a deep breath and you can go on again.

I can paint the wood in any color you wish. Send me a latex color swatch from your hardware store and I'll match it.

These variations have their own listing:
I currently have this in a dark green/silver Aluminum

Each piece is individually cut out by hand, ground and sanded .
The wood receives a base coat and is then painted with a few coats of latex color.
The connecting rings are also individually made to the correct size. And since a mobile requires balance, each element gets carefully balanced one after the other until it all moves gracefully as a whole.