Sailing To New Shores

This hanging sculpture will delight you inside or outside. It is made out of Aluminum and powder coated.
It is currently at The Good Supply Store in Bristol ME

This was the first design that worked for me and I could just feel the excitement build up and sense that this experiment would lead me into a new direction. The title "Sailing to New Shores" came to me then. I still feel the excitement and see so many directions and possibilities that I yet have to explore.

The color looks a little bit more teal than here in the image.
The mat Powder Coating is a wonderful finish that can handle a wind protected outdoor setting. A wide range of colors are available. You can special order your favorite color.

Each piece is individually cut out by hand, ground and sanded . The connecting rings are also individually made to the correct size. And since a mobile requires balance, each element gets carefully balanced one after the other until it all moves gracefully as a whole.
To get powdercoated, all the pieces need to be taken apart again and send to the powdercoater, where the color powder gets baked onto the metal surface. After receiving the wonderful coated pieces back, they need to get assembled again. And hopefully the coating was even enough so that it still balances. If not, the process might have to be redone.